How to wash

Always care for your Lottie J. items by hand washing with a mild detergent, and only lay flat to dry. If needed, you can lay your garments on a clean towel and gently roll or press excess moisture out before you lay them flat to dry.

Empower your undies to last forever by caring for them properly.

What to avoid

Never dry your Lottie J. items in the dryer, or use heat of any kind on your hand made items. 

Heat will reduce the life of the garment significantly by compromising the integrity of the elastic qualities in the fabrics used to make your garments. 

Never wring out your Lottie J. items to rid them of excess moisture after washing.

Be careful not to stretch your garments unnecessarily when wearing or putting them on/taking them off as to avoid strain on the elastic materials and stitching.

Avoid swimming in your Lottie J. in waters treated with chlorine or any chemicals and avoid too much exposure to sunlight and warm temps.