Fit Guide


Fit Guide

Sizing info

All items are currently sized individually by measurements in inches. Areas of measurement are indicated by B (bust), UB (under bust), W (waist), & H (hip).

How to take your measurements

What you'll need:

-A standard tailor's measuring tape or a  plus size measuring tape (for measurments over 60")

-The image below for reference

-A friend

Take your measurements nice and snug but never squeezing. You should be able to slide two fingers under the tape while you measure but not have too much slack in the tape.

Take each measurement twice to ensure accuracy.

Full Bust/Chest: Start at the at the the fullest part of your chest, usually near where the nipples are but not always, wrapping the tape all the way around your back, meeting the tape at the front of your body again. Make sure your tape is in a straight line (parallel to the floor) across the chest and back. If needed, you can wear your favorite unlined bra while you take this measurement if you need support to get an accurate number.

Under Bust: Find your under bust measurement by wrapping the measuring tape around your ribcage area. This will be just under where your your chest/breast tissue stops and your midsection begins.

Natural Waist: Your natural waist can be located by pressing into your sides to find the space between your lowest rib and the top of your hip bone, or by bending side to side and finding where your waist creases naturally. On some people the waist can be located about an inch or two above your belly button but not always. Wrap your measuring tape all the way around this part of your body, making sure its parallel to the ground.

Low Waist: Your low waist (or high hip) is between your natural waist and your hip. Take this measurement by wrapping the tape all the way around your low waist.

Hip: Your hip measurement is actually your booty measurement, so wrap the tape around the fullest part of your butt to find the most accurate number.

Thigh Crease: The thigh crease measurement is taken all the way around one thigh at the very top of the leg, angled up at the side body. Picture the leg hole on a modest pair of underwear, and that line is your thigh crease measurement.

Underbust to Crotch: Some items are listed with the measurement for the length from underbust to crotch. To find this measurement use your measuring tape vertically, starting at the underbust and draping it down in a taut line to your crotch. There is no need to wrap around the body to the back side.

Arm: For items that do not have adjustable straps, like the Crop Tank, you may need to find the measurment from the top of your shounder to the palce where you prefer the under-arm of clothing items to sit on you. Set your measuring tape on the center top of your shoulder (where a strap would normally sit on you) and measure down to the area below your armpit that is most comfortable for you. This will be half of that measurment (ie 11" from shoulder to below the under-arm would be 22")

Some other measurements may be requested when ordering custom fit items like bust or tummy width or length, etc.