Pending Orders


Pending Orders

Hi, I'm LJ.
I'm the owner, designer, and production lead of Lottie J. Lingerie.
Thanks for reading.

All production is completed in house.
Every Lottie J. orders is made by hand, by a team of just a couple people. Please consider this when reaching out about your order.



Wait time is around 6-12 weeks*

What is a pre-order?

How we do it:
Pre-order are not yet made at the time of purchase.
  • After  your purchase, we order supplies to make your order, along with the other orders in the same production batch.
  • When supplies are acquired we prep a batch of orders and production can begin.
  • Production is then completed in house. Lottie J. does not outsource anything. For us, production is the process of hand making every item, one by one. This process is lead by owner/designer LJ and usually assisted by her right hand, Emma Sophia. It's just us!
  • When production is finished all items are processed for shipping.
  • You will receive an email with tracking info when your order is shipped.
  • If you have not recieved an email your order is still in process.

All of this can take time.
Your patience is so appreciated.

You will receive an email with tracking info when your order is shipped.
If you have not recieved an email your order is still in process.


There is no set wait time for custom fit items. See below for more info.

What is custom fit?
Lottie J's current options don't accommodate everyone, so we offer to make custom adjustments to our designs that do accommodate anyone, for any reason, according to measurements and any specified fit needs.

Any and all sizes, genders, and fit need are welcome.

How we do it:
Custom fit info page

Wait time:
Expect to wait a while.


  • Everything is always hand made.
  • A new pattern is drafted for every custom order.
  • LJ is the only person handling custom orders.
  • Custom orders can't be batched the way pre-orders can.
  • All production is completed in house. No outsourcing. It's just us!
  • Excessive progress check DMs & emails do not speed up the process. They take time away from production, slowing things down.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All Lottie J. orders are made by a team of just a couple people. There are usually no more than 2 people working on orders at one time. Often times LJ is the only person handling orders throughout the week.

All of this takes time and your patience is appreciated.

We offer a remake guarantee on any items purchased as custom fit. Let us know if there is a fit issue, especially if your specified fit needs were not met. We will fix it for you.


RTS items have already gone throught the production process and are ready to ship. RTS items ship 1-2 weeks* after purchase.

If RTS items are purchased with preorder and/or custom items they will shipped together, after the production process is complete.

Customer Considerations

Status checks
You are welcome to check up on your order any time after referancing this info page. Your inquiries are likely already answered here and this helps immensely.

When you do make an inquiry:
Have your order number ready and reach out via DM or email. We'll get back to you about your order status.

Please keep in mind that excessive progress check DMs & emails will not speed up the process. Replying to status check messages does, in fact, take time away from the production of your order, and all other orders in the queue.

"Did you forget about my order?"


Rest assured that orders placed via the Lottie J. store cannot be forgotten about.

Your order is in the digital queue until it's shipped and a hard copy of each order is printed until it can be paired with the complete order and shipped out.

You will recieve an email notification with tracking info.

Did you forget?
Please check that you added all necessary info in the notes at checkout.

If your info wasn't included in the notes before you placed your order, your order may have been pushed to the back of the queue awaiting the missing info.

Please see the FAQs & Policies page for more information.

 *subject to change